Month: December 2017

PuR’s Top Songs of 2017 !


I’m not going to rant about what a great/bad year it’s been in music because really every year, since lord knows when, there have been brilliantly, wonderful, and transcendent songs being born into the world, as well as, you know, less than transcendent ones, and to qualify a year as “unparalleled”, or “bad”, or “disappointing”, well, it’s all pretty subjective, and yes, I’ll save you a seat here on the fence next to me.


” Round numbers are overrated…or I’ve decided they are for a minute”

Okay, there are an odd number of tracks because I opted for honesty over cleanliness but I aspire to like a perfectly round number of songs in 2018 ( editors note: good luck with that). And also these songs aren’t ranked in any particular order…and there aren’t a lot of mega-hits in the conventional sense ( except in some magnificent alternate universe light years away in which case all these songs were # 1, for a day each at least). And a bunch of these artists haven’t “blown up” quite yet so to speak, which makes it a real joy to exult them here, from amongst the millions of others. And hey, did also include a few standout tracks from some of the bigger names we already know, and maybe love, so it’s one big authentic “Rocks” overview of 2017.

I was going to write a line about each song, but that seemed insane, and so I’ll just leave you with this : within this list are songs to enhance any daily activity including crying, staring out train windows, pondering existence, plotting a better 2018, performing manual labor, or screaming your head off.

Lastly want to say love to all these ridiculously wonderful bands for making these ridiculously wonderful songs: you all rule. And one more thing, thank YOU to anyone reading/listening, or in anyway acknowledging this very, very small blog. I’m gonna keep going even if there’s only one of you because dammit, it’s worth it. THANK YOU !

* The lists are slightly different as not all tracks are offered on both Soundcloud, and Spotify i.e. just a tiny handful of difference, mostly the fact that the established tend to be  only on the Spotify, while the up and coming tend to be mostly on the Soundcloud, so try ’em both. Okay, go turn it up !

Soundcloud: Best of 2017 ! Right Here !:

Spotify: Best of 2017 !: 

Weekly New Wonders Playlists !!


Hey, before 2017 draws to a close, wanted to share one more playlist featuring some fine Capricorn tunes, give or take a week or two. Capricorn. Okay so when I was a kid one of the records in my Mom’s collection was “Jesus was a Capricorn” by Kris Kristofferson ( circa 1972), and that title has been embedded in my mind since forever: it’s just so hippy perfect. Anyway, it popped into my head while I was writing this, and technically it’s true, as in Jesus and these songs have something in common…yeah, okay, I’ll stop. And on that note, here are a couple of playlists for the dusty, windy post holiday days, both on Soundcloud and Spotify…and FYI, some tracks are only on Soundcloud so I encourage you to check out both.

Soundcloud is here ! :

And Spotify is here ! :

Weekly New Wonders Playlists !!


December. The best smelling month of the year, I think we can all agree.  And with that here are the latest and greatest to breathe in to. One thing to note : the Soundcloud playlist features 9 tracks that as of this writing are not posted on Spotify, so I recommend  checking out the Soundcloud especially, so you don’t miss what could potentially be your # 1 song this week. Enjoy !

Soundcloud is here :

Spotify is here :

Praa “Modeling Clay”

I know. This sounds like some lost Prince song, circa 1988 with Wendy & Lisa singing lead (and a damn good one at that). Sparse, off-kilter, full of air, space, and sweetness, I think the man himself would wholeheartedly smile on Praa for this, and what could ever be cooler than that ?

Edina Mira “Gone”

Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy” from 1991 is practically it’s own religion: it’s easily one of the greatest singles of the 90’s, and maybe forever…and that’s the song that instantly came to mind upon hearing this for the first time. While “Gone” is nowhere near as orchestrated as the former, and is more defiant than desperate (the other featured trait of “Unfinished”) it shares a similar skeleton, especially in regards to it’s emotive, and world weary vocal, and subtle yet epic hook. It’s damn beautiful and I wish it were even longer.

Cousin Kula “Working For It”

Here are a couple of languorous, spaced out, and gorgeous grooves from Bristol band Cousin Kula, sounding equal parts Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, and I swear, Scritti Politti ( honorable mention to the swoon-inducing 1979 West Coast style keyboarding action also very much present in both tracks) . To put it more succinctly, this is the sound of a blazing sunset being viewed through a spaceship window. Both these tracks are featured on their newly released “Oodles ” EP, and yeah, they are kind of special.